When we imagined a radically better microATX case, we quickly realised that we had to move away from convention and rethink the way small cases were built. We refused to sacrifice features and performance, we rejected the "good enough" and the usual compromises.

So we gave our engineers and designers the most liberating and creative asset: a blank sheet of paper.

The result is the M Class 500M: the no-compromise microATX case. A case like no other. In just 25.9 litres, the 500M offers an unrivalled, seemingly impossible feature set and remarkable performance. With nothing carried over from an existing case, our engineers rethought every single part in order to achieve our goals: space efficiency while fitting high-end components, unique expandability, excellent access, and high performance.


The level of space efficiency achieved by the 500M requires unusual manufacturing precision and expertise. Our engineers went to great length to eliminate every superfluous millimetres and adopt new processes to build a lightweight yet strong case.

The 500M takes advantage of the high strength-to-weight and high stiffness-to-weight ratios of aluminium. It is made of superior quality, 1.5 to 2 mm thick fully anodised aluminium, rigorously engineered and obsessively constructed to create a structurally stronger case, in half the weight of steel.

A great deal of care went into the selection and execution of the 500M finish. All parts are anodised to a higher than usual hardness in order to improve surface resilience. In addition, the external panels are finely sandblasted.


One of the design goals of the 500M was high expandability without compromising compactness.

Building a small computer case able to accommodates large, high performance components, many storage devices, and their cables proved to be a major challenge.

The top chamber plays a central role in achieving what seems an impossible task. Its shape, position and the way it is attached to other parts is essential to the case airflow, thermal performance, cable management and the amazing space efficiency.

The 500M is conveniently small and its distinctive yet elegant design easily blends in any environment.

It is also extraordinary flexible and expandable. No other microATX case comes close to its versatility.

In fact very few, several times larger, full ATX cases are able to fit ten storage devices, two 338 mm long graphic cards, any CPU heatsink up to 179 mm high and a super powerful PSU up to 190mm long, at the same time.

For the first time, a microATX case doesn't force compromises: from an ultra high end gaming computer to a quiet home cinema PC, a high capacity file server or any combination of the above, the 500M delivers and fits current and future requirements.